Five People – Witchcraft Suspects Slowly Burned Alive in Kenya

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Religion at its best again. Five people, alleged witches from Kenyan village Kisii Nyamataro were slowly burned alive because they were suspected of witchcraft. Translation – they did not acknowledge Jesus Christ as their God. The five young people, both men and women were beaten with sticks and set on fire to slowly roast while other villagers, including priests watched the spectacle. Religion always brings out the best in people, doesn’t it?

It’s not the news that human life has little value in many parts of Africa. I can’t wrap my head around this burning in a tiny village of Kisii Nyamataro. I imagine villagers who live in a desolate area, maybe a couple dozen of them. They must be pretty close to each other – it’s not like you’re in a highly populated city where you don’t know anyone and nobody knows you. When you’re in the middle of nowhere and you see the same people day after day, it all takes a whole new level. These people may have spent 20 years living together and then they just took on five of their own and slowly burned them alive. How could you bring yourself to doing that to someone whom you have known all your life? They sure make Barack Obama proud.

Suspecting someone of witchcraft and burning them alive brings back the years of inquisition. It’s as if progress of last 400 years was set back to dark ages once more. Burning people at the stake, watching them die slowly in agony while some clergyman utters his chants. The devil made them do it, now they must burn!


As for the video itself – it’s unbelievable how these people are taking it like champs. Being slowly roasted alive and choke in smoke from your own burning flash must be extremely painful. While they say that drowning is one of the scariest ways to die because it leaves you extremely helpless, burning alive must easily be one of the most painful ways to die. Yet look at those poor people. This one guy is sitting there with his feet on fire for so long that he could have just asked for a bit of seasoning and have himself nice roast chewed off of his own bones. How could he just sit there calmly like that? He was beaten with a stick across his back, kicked, had dry branches put on him to keep the fire burning while his face was engulfed in thick smoke that should have smothered him.

These people went through anguish and pain only comparable to the Venezuelan Man who had mob justice put on his ass. The showcase of some of the most violent human behavior ever. The video is below, as with all videos, exercise caution and don’t watch if you’re easily upset.  , ALSO CHECK THIS OUT!

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